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Hi! I’m Savvas.

–  I sell real estate in all regions of Greece without intermediaries. The options are selected within 1-3 days all over Greece.

–  The selection of liquid investment assets and projects. The purchase of coastal and city hotels, ready-made businesses.

–  I facilitate the registration of residence permits in Greece through buying real property items under the Golden Visa Program.

–  I will assist in the selection and booking of villas and houses for pleasant summer holidays in Greece. The options are selected within 1-3 days all over Greece.

– I don’t work alone: an entire team of qualified professionals who know their business work with me.
– My life and professional motto — honesty and openness.
– My principle is never let anyone down! New clients turn to me on the recommendations of the previous clients.
– I like when things proceed as planned.
– Life is full of troubles but they can always be resolved.

How can we cooperate?
– For a start, frame your questions, proposals, and objectives.
– The second stage involves agreement on a plan of actions.
– I’m ready to give a consultation and present your interests in Greece!

As you can see, it’s really quite simple! You can ask me any question. Ready to advise and represent your interests in Greece!

Let’s get acquainted and start to cooperate!


I was born and grew up in Kazakhstan, in a Greek family. Since 2000, I have been working and living in the Northern capital of Greece — Thessaloniki. I live an active life, practice sport (walking, jogging, swimming, and mountain climbing). My hobby is traveling.

I graduated from the academic gymnasium. I studied Greek in The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. I won a scholarship and graduated from the Faculty of Applied Information Science in The University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki / Greece). I have been continuously improving my professional qualifications: I have completed the courses of Netology, LABA, Genius Marketing.

2000 – 2007. Student years: organization and holding of beauty contests/concept development and issue of glossy magazines, starting from scratch / active participation in the Club of the Funny and Inventive movement in Greece / volunteered at Athens Olympic Games in 2004.

2007 – 2017. I worked in the companies: managing director of G-Trade Oil (OD of Gazpromneft-Lubricants) / marketing director at Beleon Tours / marketing director at Wedding in Greece / marketing director at Beleon Group. 

Disciplined and thoughtful, positive, professional of his craft, charismatic. Quite, always quite, like good old Kaa. Add to these qualities his outstanding mind, patience of a saint, determination, optimism, and an admirable skill of achieving desired goals.

➜  Optimist. I’ll be brief: I’m an incurable optimist.

➜  Destroyer of barriers. I like creating the “uncreatable” and finding pluses in minuses. 

➜  Reliable. Anyone feels at ease and safe with me, things will proceed as planned. 

➜  Competent critic. I like subtle humor and fair criticism.

– Real estate and anything related to it;
– Arrangement of tours and unusual types of recreation;
– Marketing and advertising;
– Development of websites and projects;
– Graphics and graphics editors;
– Printing work and anything related to printing.

Projects and achievements which I am proud of:

– Greece World Wedding Top Destination: projects of Svadba & Wedding in Greece
“My Greek Wedding”: holding contests of years 2013, 2014, 2015
– Project development as part of my work at Beleon Group

years in the tourism


years in the advertising business







Let's get acquainted then!
Write, call!